Charles Perrone

A Pair of Authors And/Had Two Drinks

and went on to say
the ready road to regular readership
of capital and provincial proportions
may have chronic or biblical options
or steadily declining inner coverage
and surely sends a sort of signal so
perhaps seriously flawed misshapen
about tails, trails, tales and goings
off the rails for no good reason that
the normal ways to overcome this
absolute awe and thus awfully nice
torrent of abhorrent bile another
attempt to jump the turnstiles or
unleash an underbelly of so much

a prominent title

the haze of Gray’s Anatomy
continues to hang
over the entire flat shelf
of tomes and their siblings,
of works about us, vessels,
global-point makers of art,
cartographies so diverse
that dartboards are nests
for martins purple flown
from down starting blocks,
tarts of sweet-and-sour
somethings to reward
each-and-every provenance,
a welcome wealth of lore
honoring gods, goods
and easy-going mates:
friends all, fates fallen free

Sonorous, Sonority, Sonorization
for Ricardo Aleixo, axé

At Andrew’s, Andrea’s, and Alexandra’s Academy
the vector of voicing was verified as a useful distinction
when a virile visitor inquired of the bearded bursar if he
would disburse or disperse the monies he clearly should
and an unusual observer could not resist asking further
if there had been any actual intent to cast aspersions
on Persians or Pakistanis or others in diaspora
all while she did indeed purse her lips and let slip
this precious pearl of unthinkable linguistic diversity
this purseful of onerous seniority organization
of countless lines and items

F Y I > I Y F#

First & foremost furthermore avers
one of our most distinguished guests
You singular + plural must concede
that there are actual errors in syntax
In petitions presented by Mr. Yvan Navy
currently held to be one of the best
—even including preowned opinions
incomparable bias and fine prejudice—
advocates for the changing of his y-curved
name to a more palatable version

Ivan sought while in arrears
Yearly monthly weeks days
Forced reversal of the sin tax:
the onslaught of impositions
upon folks of such a different maze

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