John M. Bennett

the rolodex

louder hall and debt so
louder hinge inside your
arm debt coiling in the
polar vortex or the housing
index burning in the hall
was motion toward the
river and the itching
index in your eye was
ledger bonfire falling
from the window bon
fire knotted in your
solar plexus solar
plexis was your clou
ded river

…sea ,the swelling.



the sawdust

es capada ,nor intensa
,intonso was escaped and
hairless was a broken egg a
sticky comb held against a
skull was lentes broken
,narcos ,cabildo de sangre de
rramada was yr thought
reversion ,enrevesado ,fono
emético ,reversion of the
neck you left behind ,be
hind the bathroom mirror
which was la puerta ,mirror
toward the sticky stairs

…funerales ,y roncar.



the wool

drugged ape lint a s
ccrawl outside the he
headache’s s alted
wwind ow door inside yr
face what’s eaten ash
re lented w all et ched
with ominition saw
far back the throwobbing
forehead hidden in the
trees a blind neck a
blotted ear a fenced f
orest crawling toward the


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