Aaron Tucker

how do I even begin to answer a question like that?

rained all night against those strange windows

my handwriting clashes with the generic floral wallpaper
but I leave the following viral note anyways, propped up in
front of the dark TV while I shower, waiting:


On Error Resume Next
if (evaporites>=1) then
Copy (dirsystem&”\LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”)
On Error Resume Next
if (confession) recreate then
spread to email
On Error Resume Next
if (downread=”millionhare”) then recreate
|| downread=”c:\”
On Error Resume Next
if (fileexist(dirsystem&”\ILOVEYOU.exe”)=1)
then randomize
elseif (sub infectfiles(saltwater))
endif (
female.Subject = “ILOVEYOU”
female.Body = kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me.”
male.Send (“Good morning!”)



knock knock?

it’s getting late + we can only hear the Pacific
steady, like headlights passing in darkness
+ we’re bored so we start telling jokes:

a thumbtack + a bobble head doll + a USB key walk into a bar
the thumbtack turns to the bobble head
+ asks where’s the closest fried chicken joint?
+ the USB key replies

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