Nava Fader

pretending to / Refeather my arrows (Adrienne Rich)

for ornament or action
they will wonder

flew fletcher and straight to the stars
celebrity haircut a curl is a thing

of split vision paneling as it were
patience that light does

obey after all the laws
of physics put through

it’s paces give me twenty
a tremulo toetap give him away




thick black / butter (Michael Basinski)

butterscum cranny churns teeming
twitch twice the vitamins pellet
it a gold gleam uncork capsule
spill its entrails perfidy perfumed
puddles are hazards for the smallest

boys scabbard undrawn dungeon
corpse crazy ungain-
ly untidy traipse trails
knots with which to make

their undoing rappel apple
rapunzlelike repugnant the smell
your hair on the pillow urn armpit
secrets there do multiply

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