Caleb Puckett

Given the Business

—It’s the time.
—To or of? Hour or our?
—Press shift and the secret key to see.
—Truth is illuminated in all capitals under the exit sign. The message is reflected on the screen. The screen displays a vision statement in flickering pixels. The statement’s layers decode with the Winter Solstice, according to my sources.
—Not so remote, son. Now imagine the message is really a high functioning contemporary mobility matrix balanced with robust parallel investments. When the world’s assets became digital the paradigm was reimagined, as was the need to innovate our ambient life. Feel that breeze cooling the core? Notice that hum in the air? Imagine where we go from here.
—Yes. Beautifully orchestrated. Certainly whizz-bang.
—We’re talking hardware, organizational and on-message with a strategic We of Legend familiarity for the folks at home. We’re talking uber-efficient policy and forward-looking approaches to administrative logistics. We’re talking money back guarantees on the wildest speculations and any failures for those associates in the know.
—Sharp customers! Balanced companies plan contemporary time-phases to implement projected regenerations. Lead on. I’m interested in these adaptations.
—We need three-dimensional millennial facilitators to thwart the resistance and celebrate the synchronization. We need outside the box consultations with modular integrations. We need upgraded 21st century capabilities with incremental homogenizations. Well-recommended interns are welcome as a matter of course.
—Of course I’m interested. Will I be aligned towards a window? Can I geek reciprocal logistics without undue contingencies as I climb?
—No doubt. The future cascades praise on your present potential. My fellow knows your fellow, you follow?
—Great! Paint me blue-sky transitional. My ambition rockets sunward.
—I’ve got your cloud by the alchemist’s numbers, son. No worries now.
—What’s next, then?
—Let me show you our little lounge. The couch is wonderful.


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