Marco Giovenale



$ 01

Here it was
I wanted it to be well understood
The old traveller said
To the young waitress
If only I was twenty
Was seventy
Was carrying in a heap of forks
Forks are good to travellers
Typed am
Mad @ you
Since it’s in one’s dna to decide not to show that much of one’s anger
The garden was so bright
Silence I presume did not drip down from the sun
It’s cold as it rains
She wears a depressing shadow
Under her red led cloak
Loops of time revolve
They invented it yesterday
She doesn’t find the clue



$ 02

Ought to mean so much
Heaps of polite citizens as well
Helicopters to the horizon
Premiere with Bond girl drinking
Fake scotch
That’s Mahatma
Or Ronald or
Feel I’m molecules of pesticide
Feel I’m the digital eye
Polaroid make believe
Pop up
Out of the merry steak
Keyboards move to Florence
Typing like mad again
We won’t see that merry face anymore
Landing on the Moon see
The rings of sand
Like boring



$ 03

My fingers I took a look at them
While typing
Well I felt a gap in time
So they didn’t seem to me like actually belonging
To me
There’s something weird or a pure delay
All around
I thought it was the shiny screen
One must always find a cause



$ 04

Must unravel it
It’s all on my side
Begging something
Always fix the issues
That occur
The boomerang question time
The hits of the day
Stay tuned pray
The joy
Will last forever



$ 05

Was depressed was
This the issue
At 8pm on pink-yellowpink tv screen
Two mins before the news
On the rags
Ought to say something about
Sex but didn’t actually say

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