Stephanie Anderson

from The Ditties



The foreigner declines this entrance. In the dream, students won’t form bands. I have to fail them. Eviction and evacuation.

Thursdays it rains on the ellipses side. The east wind in a horse’s ear. He sweeps leaves from wet gravel. Sometimes trees need new roots.

A horse is vaulting horse. Cut, if need be, through thick briars. An order and accounts. It is possible to drink freely water.

It is not fun, it is not a hat. They’re practicing for the big streets. I fret. Popcorn line around the block, paper cups on ears.

It’s time to bring the zeppelin back. I dropped a round vase. They bought six miniature cars. Canned whale and curry sauce in the station.

Hope there’s something good to ogle. The best noise I’ve ever heard inside my head. The red of embossed Venus, the bamboo screen.

What do the harpoon tips say? Do one thing and do it well. Whale bacon at mask, like eating a dragon. Now it’s aged fish cheddar.

You’re welcome is don’t touch my moustache. Cut the leaf in arrowheads. We listen to the coincidence program during dice games.

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