Mike Sikkema

Found: an ocean in the moon, south pole a lens shaped reservoir, an ocean as big as a Great Lake, a Great Lake as big as a postcard, the moon inside out, all of the possible life leaning into hope of un-discovery

Found: a cartwheeling spider in Morocco moving along in flic-flac jumps faster than running, tubular nests of silk to keep out wind and sun, its locomotion inspired scientists to build spider robots to somersault on mars or the ocean floor

Found: a stone deer blind in the lake big as a small ocean, deer bright eyed under a moon small as a planet, a ghost caribou hot dogging across the sunken ridgeline,a stone corral like coral, the 120 feet of water made it a museum

Found: a misshaped swastika on men’s room wall looking like an injured stork foot

Found: multipurpose room # 234 where we gather for Active Shooter Response Class focusing on fight, run or hide. This is a particular kind of small talk

Found: a face on Mars

Lost: a face on Mars

Found: a news article on botched execution next to an article headlined Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Lost: one pair of comfortable camo shorts, Gap brand, purchased for $3.99 at Goodwill

Lost: the birch path that used to run between hiding spots, ferns higher than our heads, it’s a swamp now

Found: a planet supposed to be solid diamond, no atmosphere, a bling orbit

Lost: 33 more pages just like this


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