Megan Kaminski

from Wintering Prairie


Long shadows and sun-melt spread
across lawns across asphalt
neighborhood strip mall and shop
spread west past town into farm
past county line and field
cottonwoods on the river
switch grass and bluestem crowd
over limestone around barbed fence
tree-creak warm goat-graze in sunned patches
this afternoon this house-break this reprieve
from bone-chill and ache this call this flutter
dry leaf on a branch light coating shadow
this grasping for mile after mile
this swallow this sigh this heartcrush
for all that surrounds
for all the comprises and connects
hair bone skin made tissue from
dirt from water from sun from mineral
temper this break and empty balance
tally our remaining days




Morning toll campanile echo
through the valley over the frozen lake
graying sky barely gray more
an absence a want for things
to come that will not      green trash receptacle
green hose evergreen bush
hardly green tipped in snow
the widest main street in Plains, Kansas,
twenty cars deep median treed and empty
wheel tred wind wobble call and kaw
no people today just wind down the street
no plows scraping asphalt concrete
no boot-tracks through field
hawk-call and chimney-smoke
freeze unending absence unbroken


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