mez breeze

_N.][di][visible Rawswarming(c).*_

Gene.o.trash Labels

*.[this is not my colourful codepoetry
images of a small velveteenish head
all slippery N binary-glitched]

Newscl.o.ning through Ceramically-C][lashed N l][o][a][ded Teeth

*.[barcode rings and ICANN singing
“i can icann i will”]




Yr predict.cabled dark Statistical Response.*

][non][ X.pressi][ng on yr soft bellied throat][ve P][oint][.O][f][.C][ontact][.*

Volume 1.3 of a L][ewd][urker ][re:][Orientation.*

Non-responsive][ness][-sided Participant Chip M.bedd.*

[S][l][][count 1 seconds][s out of sight.*

.O.vert ][wo][Manifest Con][sciousness][tent.*

N.][di][visible Rawswarming(c).*][ter][ Clouding.* Maleinglist Blue-Printing.*

An ][re:][Active De.sign.][posted][ation.*




–massed ][re:][genders clinging upwards

–filling e.volu][mes][tionary gap.pages

–swimming in shoals of beta-blocker infomash

–vehicular datatraffic back-breakage

–reified t][heory][onnage slapped against ][tesla][ c.oils

— .XX. -porno units of floating density

–we swamp N stitch blond baggage in2 ochred tones of re][a][d




[A.D.D D.D.T D][u][CT T.A.G]

*.flag a future.stun-gunned.strand
& flick yr Nouvelle
twinned cauls of ][t][here N now.*


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