Brendan Lorber

124 Short Poems Each Beginning With a Line from The Seafarer

Do some people      are they      without souls      or have less of it
than others?     Or is it that      they haven’t found      what
they are     meant to be doing     Commodity fetishism      wherein
I’m not interested      in fucking you      except through some
monetized resource     or perhaps      I’m only      into the resource
and save myself     the hassle      of talking to you     dear worker
or investor after      because you      never have much of an      amen to say



Down on Earth and The People There

They own your face       but the slap still hurts
Only      so many encumbrances     your back
can handle       that insist they don’t exist

I’m completely unfamiliar       with customs
like ordering a double      while drinking
alone      so one’s drink won’t be lonely

An unwritten song       with the glandular
subtext      of everyone’s search history

My unmusical band       The pure silent
perfection      of St. Patrick’s Catheter
akin to how many men      from Alabama
who dream       of being a French boyfriend

My age is one of the top 100      favorite
ages to be      but my range of expression
is only up to season two       where nothing
happens      without a reason      or with one

Come back to Earth     We need you here
among the train traffic      ahead of us
The briefly acceptable       burden of clarity
when everything depends      on the whatsit
and the hole      in the bag      it falls through


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