John Lowther

Liberals was supposed to be line breaks.
Sounds like ring modulation to my ear.
She glances sideways at me, and smiles.
That’s good silver hold on to it.
But, I didn’t call for a plumber.
It is not my intention to pry.
You can not both be and be.
That was incorrect.
So that pretty much wraps it up.
Let’s take a shower and go home.
Those words all mean something you know.
Most humans don’t like being physically intimidated.
It is no doubt a macabre spectacle.
This makes it more difficult to respond.
Where others saw depravity, I saw beauty.




Psychoanalysis has to begin with accepting that you’re an asshole.
Being woken up is a disturbance of my reasonable enjoyment.
That tinfoil hat transmits your thoughts directly to the FBI.
It’s a full gay thing and it always has been.
Umbrellas don’t work well when one group holds them up.
Only cunts and keyboard cowboys act the way you do.
But insurance is more open to doubt than other areas.
Life doesn’t have a trigger warning so neither should blogs.
The mysteries of the Egyptians were mysteries to the Egyptians.
I’m heading down to Xanex town if you want to come.


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