Jeff Harrison

Sea Swallow and Tree Apollo

include drivetrain crankshaft rotate
include pony rides
include sunflower seeds
include dying, yes? let me guess!
include myself here
include both of the Koreas (a dated reference?)
include your own witches to burn
include “The Man in the High Castle”
include grapeberry ministers


include Wormswork, William
include ah, eh, er, uh, um, & sometimes w
include this line
include many, many Egyptians
include “this means you”
include irrefutable proof of Atlantis
include a description of the Isles of Orkney
include a swimsuit in the bear’s meal
include the brain when speaking of the body

include Harper’s Ferry
include your petrol and uvula
include hotel motel Holiday Inn
include “cusp was just about”
include blank verse
include shipping and handling
include addition and replication
include the block bone
include block island

include a nice flaky crust
include a fork, it’s only just
include what will never combust
include what is beginning to rust
include a plan for readjustment
include silver dollars
include dog collars
include the hollow and the full
include the bull and the wool
include sea swallow and tree Apollo


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