Jeff Dahlgren

Gullible Anvils

Purple (n) pink (oink) acid Brillo meat intersections,
my spear of influence is on the nose.
Dreaded into it, hyperbole n metaphor
Expels us prominently, saturated loosely,
toothless on, harpy and solemn, crass be
nibble in the fresh dew mythos. Moribund,
we wish for storm and blight, favorable vegetables –
by trolled succubus and tumors,
snorting lords, flappy or about breaking window panes,
she sneaks in a good one, fertile is an exoneration.
Alibi moist goons slurp the highbrow width of endless.



Clever Hairbow Nuisance:

Lucid choosing shark fin cast iron brunette,
riddance riddle flooded dogged.
Pardon me.
It’s a Lofty Harvard anti-theist morgue
or your orbit blow-out,
soot of foggy strips of paper, hacks like tasty ghost.
Pour me another tapestry. Garbed in focus,
as the melody of your hair’s renaissance claims dusk
and drowned sighs catapult velvet fig leaves
on Mary Joseph’s used naval pool, all live.


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