Raymond Farr

Another Day Penultimate at Missing the Point

I only slipped on the cake of soap of the air
& drowned in the bathtub of the world
—John Ashbery

I come briefly
Into the sun

I’m writing today

I laugh
I am alone

I write—
Traces of light!

You in the carpeted hall!
As downwind

A radio—
the commissar’s in town, oh, oh—

Reads another crazy

The hollow membrane

Of our days
I can’t explain

The cosmos
I grew up in

I renounce all its
Power over me

I feel it
Still swimming

At 4 AM
Like a ghost

In my throat

& yet
I exist in utterance

Managed by my

Another day penultimate
At missing the point


I’ll Simon-says myself
To sleep—

Somebody get me a window
To yell out of—

I mean
Who does that?!

& like a near-sighted girl
Reading lyrics

To her dog
I exist

Just visible
From the nearby



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