Charles Perrone

Quarantine Queue (Spring 2020)


So a vast viral event is unfolding

and by order you’re in quarantine

now you have time on your hands

to do so many things that obtain

brush those teeth over and over

clip those nails with frequency

select best quarantunes to listen to

youtube watch endless old cartoons

retrieve ancient letters from the attic

and write back to those you neglected

for all those years of loving and lust

decades able to convince you

that finally you must





Take one for the Team


The franchise mascot suffered a mechanical setback

when the grand gasket that retained a certain fluid

splintered indecorously and allowed some infiltration

into the hamper where linens of the finely pampered

were kept clean and separate from the basket of the best

of the rest avoiding arrest and awaiting transfer to a casket

for the forensic fanatics who justified by saying “just ask it.”

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