Jeff Harrison

Syllable Crypt

V was
in the letter V…
it’s like
not having hands
it’s like
crooners swoop
spooked ever
like schooners, like
waves of Vs are steps
for the stripped strays
like V-poetries are shines
for folded eyes
V stares the woods down
“The V disease vows constancy”
through a glass…
from nothing smile
“present vows half-open
had never been heard of”

Jeff Harrison

In Rosebuds Are My Letters Dressed

Herr Bibliothekarius, I,
delicately finally identity,
set out for home

weeping, &
disappeared irregular w/out drives

further naked,
pleased, & shipped

of all two
& thirty one
literary giants

so much
a name as
a word
that turns
when re-

so, may all their laboriously-
penned verse tragedies,

aëry titan-constructed yet
daydreaming hard science,

ever fall, Herr Bibliothekarius,
upon your literary zeal

Jeff Harrison

The Mortal Enemies of Calculation

Oceanography Fetus,
admit bouquets to the effigy party

Saloon Redefinition,
be a dapper knapsack… dapper knapsacker

Flowerpot Infighting,
only authenticate the forgettable

Mnemonic Pagination,
your bookshelves are frail
rattlesnake them,
rattlesnake them all

Radio-sighting Conundrum,
mechanically bemoan that… wait…
combine Dionysus with hoarding badgers,
then mechanically bemoan that combination

Jeff Harrison

Blue Throats

kitty the wood
cling the zero top
carnival-smooth reading
neither first is the yawn ,
nor the second, itself a
stretching floating, what’s
slow isn’t plankton after all
but it’s battered until bones blue
and jet’s shade, a night carousel

cunning are
the winks most pushed and loosened
they’d sleep some otherwise
their disease leaves something fresh

Virginia, your donkey-boring head
is thinking elbows again
you should be thinking of
countering my breath with blue throats
why this strange death – all relations
jeweled for the scoring? a gesture imperiled?

whooped the bee defiance flaring…
briefly the jeweler recovers gold
the stick world’s there
stick are her funeral soldiers
paraded before cheated pines

it took some time,
but winged insects have
a new sly unhappiness:
screen, score,
noon, & see:

no, not winks under the ceiling, Virginia
below the ceiling are silver bees
it took the jeweler days to make them
road (dark) map affection, could you dare
Virginia’s gauntness?

Jeff Harrison

Thorns In Young Faces

gumshoe hover plain knows
plain knows? dead. sea…
Kukla, frantic, frantic, knows
Kukla knows? dead. sea. right knows?
earnest tribal right knows!
Ah, each and till since river…
thorns in young faces…
sea lovers down deep Oh weep
strep half tones, weep all
animated space… dead. sea…
where queen bee summons

in answer to the words “gumshoe hover plain”
we (royal We, queen bee) get variously

1. destruction

2. purple

3. hound

4. power

5. (and, again) destruction

then I (royal no longer) reversed the word order –
“plain hover gumshoe”, with the following results

1. for “destruction” I got “hound”

2. purple = expanse

3. hypnosis = death

4. power = tale

5. destruction = hound

to the words “Kukla, frantic, frantic”
we (me & the queen bee) got

1. blue

2. thought

3. bird

4. porous

5. blue

from the fact “earnest tribal right” = “mud”
and “strep half tones” = “fellow night”
and from the fact “mud” elicits the word “yellow”
and later “light”
“fellow night” is answerable by “blood”

Ah, each and till since river…
thorns in young faces…

Jeff Harrison

Sea Swallow and Tree Apollo

include drivetrain crankshaft rotate
include pony rides
include sunflower seeds
include dying, yes? let me guess!
include myself here
include both of the Koreas (a dated reference?)
include your own witches to burn
include “The Man in the High Castle”
include grapeberry ministers


include Wormswork, William
include ah, eh, er, uh, um, & sometimes w
include this line
include many, many Egyptians
include “this means you”
include irrefutable proof of Atlantis
include a description of the Isles of Orkney
include a swimsuit in the bear’s meal
include the brain when speaking of the body

include Harper’s Ferry
include your petrol and uvula
include hotel motel Holiday Inn
include “cusp was just about”
include blank verse
include shipping and handling
include addition and replication
include the block bone
include block island

include a nice flaky crust
include a fork, it’s only just
include what will never combust
include what is beginning to rust
include a plan for readjustment
include silver dollars
include dog collars
include the hollow and the full
include the bull and the wool
include sea swallow and tree Apollo

Jeff Harrison

Perry Rhodan

citizens, raspberries, sick as a dog –
must this be spelled out for you Perry Rhodan

OK, then, scintillating Helluva:

1. accidents occur in NORMAL time

2. double-takes occur in SPIRITUAL time

one will give you a slice of glass
the other may give you the whole story

both are a PUDDING of illegal authors

(maps, budgets, biometric ghosts)

handkerchief full-bore, intolerable & mercenary
astrologically cranial, you, Perry Rhodan,
borrowed the skinniest for a second without so
much as a “wonderful money, you are are one
tough lady” & were promptly scooped, confirmed,
& dialed, sensibly, without so much as a “the
audience is my kind of town, leave no doubt”


“objection, Your Honor, my knuckles show white”


this still-life is hard to explain, the next
still-life is missing to this day –
infrastructure! over and over!

“a hint?”

“thirty-seven hours”

“ah, say no more”