Julia Rose Lewis

All those Barn Swallows

Guttereal leaves
the nickel lavender sky lies down
to let to rent to make loose and

Some jello family:
a fox and a horse with navicular
and tardive dyskinesia
see parking lots.

I am mud and he is lavender
resulting in lemonade
to be held a good deal
tapering all the way down.

The lens can be Indiana
if first electronic toll collection
system or super moon or prime.

The silken negatives say so
fifty meters is fair play
in the seal land
waxing artifice and rock calls:
there there reason.

It is only a lepisma saccharinum
I learn even in a nocturnal light.

Sardine is no synonym for navy
I fear
I have I left the sunflower test
too soon do you know
how your drinking water feels
if it is the nearest I have ever
found myself to meditation.


Not another archive
a sponge and a spy and a nickel lyric
calls purgatory a parking lot.

They were silver platters even
if there were a grey sieve let me
be an anchovy
for the shark knows there is a
better fish under the door.

She is certain as the ocean
looks on the iphone.

Let me be asbestos beside the
ficus sacred and wood
finish and food glaze as if willowing
to shell layers.
So the lobster residual says
to star the varnished days
all that lay like shellac because
in the morning they were
expensive computers; my mind to
your mind and mica flaked

If silver wishes safety pins
paperclips and
mint torpor
a nickel lyric calls it
tough-skinned wishes all the way
down a shell lacking a hotel
if skinny funnel then it is not a
mint tornado
let me be asbestos.


A fried egg riding
pegasus with a dished face verifies
that andalusite is not
a recognized breed.

The theater recalls itself to itself
it is related to sillimanite
as sugareal
released itself into the wild
hollow is not a horse
that color of water rice.

Some jello family is
some jello family
I can find a lifetime
if performative then fall limnology
is silken lies all the way down
then put the first shirt over your head
then the second
then the giraffe is given
a third feral love
then do you know how your drinking
water feels?

If you will believe pyrite mica is
mucus sells itself
music calls
as for being allergic to gold
naturally it is not magic.
Once upon a time there was a
singing mint
and a hotel leading to being
gulped down;
do not wait for the poet voice.

In the sense sudden high bid
dead battery and
time hammering the grey jumper.

Icing the state of Washington
into horse trading before
green does not grace
the steeplechase:

it feels like fucking barn swallows fucking.

Julia Rose Lewis

Trap or Someone Else’s Binaries

Into green report
as if following nervous
in fact green nipping
green into a minute fact
water or ruins
or concerned your enterprise
as green negative
on fire mine or frighten ten
to engineering
or the last of the salt salt

one continuing
as long as engineering
not dangerous salt
ocean bones salt bones salt bones