Mark Young

The theory of dyadic rings

A buried UFO slowly
turns my Digital Pen
into a 7-track down-
load of a Wolfmother

album, but this counts
for nothing when it’s
sunny in South London
& the streets are full

of highly trained Re-
naissance musicians
whose white linen suits
& owlish spectacles

add old-world warmth
& charm to a great
place to stop thinking

about digital identity.




storyboard #1

Black & white movies. The March of Time. Backwards. dubesoR. Snow globes down the stairs, the Odessa Steps. Everything intercut, reality / invention. Once again I walk down those ornate baroque corridors, knowing I know nothing of Hiroshima.

Always in black & white. No room for scenic shots. None of those except perhaps as signposts. Otherwise. Film noir.

Color. Occasionally. Kurosawa’s The Ransom. One scene only. In which.

Do I pay the ransom? Do I let the color in?


Mark Young

Archival Footage:
Koi at play in the water feature of the Secretary of State

As I watch the black woman
Republican secretary of state, I agree
with Zak & the story of
fraternity members who captured
a campus Koi fish — originally from
North Korea’s Pyongyang region, where the
water is said to be volkswagendubbele
cabine secretary of state minnesota table
rental fathers day. This is a story
of back greens & washing
machines, herring, & Koi.

Bank runs & failures were a common feature
of life during the period when Cordell Hull,
the Secretary of State for the US, was instructed
to start classified research into the detection
of enemy submarines under water. Secretary
of State Henry Kissinger denied then & in his
memoirs later that feeding koi at the edge
of the water captured a world & a culture.

In 1815
General Don had requested
of the Secretary of State
for the Colonies
fresh water
on the Rock, with Koi Carp
& a collection of exotic lilies.

Learn all about waterfalls & water
gardens at a lecture, “Beyond Koi: The Ecosystem
of the new secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.” The
3:30 pm to 7 pm show will feature
musical & dance performances, & arts.

The North American Water Garden
will blend the water feature seamlessly
into the landscape. Borrowed library
items are overdue in the koi’s gut. The
one thing I fervently hope is that they
do not water down the music
of the water buffalo.

Secretary of State Colin Powell,
has said that public diplomacy bacterium
can also cause disease in other
fresh-water and marine fish species. Political
corruption is a corrosive feature of
everyday life & needs to be
“Yeh koi gudde-gudiyon ka khel hai kya?
First you give, then you take away.” Powell
urged Yasser Arafat to cede control of the old
library with its cut stone fountain filled with koi fish.

pond nearby, teeming with the colorful Japanese fish.

The famous film ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ was largely shot in Uttaranchal.
How does water get from the plant to the people,
& is there a way to improve?

Just when you
think it’s safe to go back in the water, it isn’t. Walls of
water, set in motion by an underwater earthquake. An
undocumented feature? Perhaps. & perhaps not;
I’ll never know. Secretary of State Cathy Cox
said recording machines were disbursed to all.

I haven’t done much work on the house,
but I did finish the koi pond
& how do koi fish reproduce
straw hat decorating with silk virtual malaysia.

This year’s Fest will feature
cultural sharing through
performances of song.

Please use this form
for your comments or
questions to KY Water Watch,
a disease notifiable to the relevant
Secretary of State. The UN will judge
North Koi on its actions, not its words.

(An edited compilation of the output from
the use of “koi,” “secretary of state,” & “water feature”
in Leevi Lehto’s Google Poem Generator
7/16/2005 1:41:45 AM GMT)

Mark Young

an interloper note on some earlier six-liners


they do not

nor are they meant to

rocks in a river



The Menciad

Human nature is thick-
skinned & fleshy
but escapes predation
by taking on a
concave shape &
matching the
environment. Blocks
of information are
turned into collage or
collagen, flying cranes
unfold themselves
into the sheets of paper
they once were. Is
essentially chameleon,
but needs to be left to
learn how to conduct its
own orchestra. Other-
wise, seduced by
seduction, there will
come a point, just be-
fore the trumpets enter,
when potential captain
changes into cabin boy.

Mark Young

The first building with an elevator in Kaposvár

Apartment buildings from
the Soviet era contrast with
streets lined with traditional
little wooden homes. The
House in Stone recollected
after many years, its front

decorated with beehives.
The bacterium accumulate
without interruption, become
convalescent. Each acquires
a good working education.

She was stopped by some
strangers. He was a remarkable
& ambitious man. They were the
violent heads of the dominant party.

Shun idleness & immoral books.
Process & export eggplant & flowers.
Doing so will reduce the welfare level

though not the environmental factors
that generate greenhouse gases.

It was on the island.