Rus Khomutof

Vintage ghosts of
joy and sadness
a saccharine statement
the highest expression of the autopoetic force
the incarnation and withdrawal of a God
declaration of hither swarms
accretion of the torrential becoming
instances emancipated from
all anxieties and frustrations
in the anagogic phase
made dizzy by the hybris
a regular pulsating
metre of recurrence

Jorge Sánchez

from The Letters

[D]ear [ ]d,[

]NW: a stump or an outcrop of red desert
rock or a petrified stump; NE: an army-green
shed, sun-discolored along the bottom and ribs
of its west wall, oxidized from the roof’s
second corrugation to the roof’s north edge;
SE: concrete slab and chattahoochee floor,
lawn furniture (mostly second-hand, retro),
punching bag, outdoor fireplace, edge of car
port and overhang; SW: a wooden gate, open.

Charles Perrone

Behavioral Eclipse

So, following the sun’s obfuscation in the present ample meadow,

if I choose to use or even abuse this mead, this booze, perchance

delightful delicacies prepared with nothing particular in mind,

to augment an anticipated slumber, the option to snooze,

then shall I be able to lose the impertinent habit of intransigence

linked to curbed ingestion and irked interrogation?