Marco Giovenale

no-cam series

Are internet content providers.
Raise hands and speak the word “vowel” twice.
Vowel, vowel, nothing seems to change.
In spite of those efforts.
Winds full of rain northwest southeast.
Beyond anyone’s expectations.
A vague idea of.
“Anyone’s expectations”.
Kind of b/w camera.
Analog one, sort of.
(Not at all).


They’re starting to pull down the roof.
The cherub Loop is made of chalk.
I covered it & the luggage with huge plastic sheets.
Cloned stuff ––rains down.
Dreamt of the bronze age.
Hints all around I wouldn’t find any ice-cream.
Cardboxes ––ready to leave.
Turbulence out of the corridor.
Since two windows are open wide.


Connecting the dots.
Breaks down one’s job.
The upside down box is either chess desk and counter.
The house is presque void.
Two tall figures help us ––deal with it.
The selfless past. Rat legs up. (One).
One is a blond lady aged 70.
They actually help us taking care of our clothes. (Wool).
In Summer, while regular plastic ghosts stand still.
Gently filling the room.
Currents of air raise. At the border. Margins, see.
The keys make no sound, since the piano is full.
You should know where to buy blank mus. sheets.
Now it’s late, sold out.
We’ll try again tomorrow.


Going there, I’ll stop and buy some fruit, wine.
Lunch will be easy to describe.
In Genoa, the castle ––full of dead printers, in Winter.
We could print books by ourselves.
It was easy and it’s still easy, totally true.
Our child will light October.


The alphabet and the little deer made of wood won’t lie.
We don’t have tv here.
We don’t even talk that much.
The house have been shut for six or seven years.
Grains of dust ––bigger than the covering sheets and courtains.
The like.


kriko weapons on the bottom shelf.                    one shoots at dwarves in his mind.                                   kidding was easy even
if he didn’t understand the jokes.                      spaces are randomly helpless.                  if you know what i mean.
a stapled bullett.                  met in his youth.
the control panel seems it doesn’t mention anything. but
that doesn’t mean everything has gone bad or out of control.

                       she told him we’re not going to say yes to the new business.
it’s not a business. silly reply.


They’re not sphynx ones.
They are as simple as a google flash page.
Anybody will understand that.


The hacked cats stare at those steady stars.
Isn’t it? Nut coats cover that stuff.
Filled with loop bacteria.

Loop bacteria make the world go round.
Repeat the same shroudy stuff again and again.

Shells host the sound of the sea.
One sea only, choose one.

Do not try to please me.
I do keep staring at you, nut.


Uncle Beck plays techno at night.
Wolves dwell under our roof.
The director says it’s mice and thunder. Afar.
Do not (etc)––

Uncle knows the truth.
Aunt shows him a glass of apple juice.
No reply.
Can see her eye distorted by the glass.
She has no solution. Can’t know how to make a living.

Our town is extremely cold in Winter.
No money but a cold glass of translucent juice.


Still in the 70s.
Lights off at 1 am.
Lemonade at night (midnight).
Dogs out, lights off.
Mice and centipedes strolling at will.
They ate the space, ain’t that bad.


Before they invented the screen the typos filled the screen.
Hovering maze ––afloat––

Mark Young

The first building with an elevator in Kaposvár

Apartment buildings from
the Soviet era contrast with
streets lined with traditional
little wooden homes. The
House in Stone recollected
after many years, its front

decorated with beehives.
The bacterium accumulate
without interruption, become
convalescent. Each acquires
a good working education.

She was stopped by some
strangers. He was a remarkable
& ambitious man. They were the
violent heads of the dominant party.

Shun idleness & immoral books.
Process & export eggplant & flowers.
Doing so will reduce the welfare level

though not the environmental factors
that generate greenhouse gases.

It was on the island.