Jeff Harrison

Thorns In Young Faces

gumshoe hover plain knows
plain knows? dead. sea…
Kukla, frantic, frantic, knows
Kukla knows? dead. sea. right knows?
earnest tribal right knows!
Ah, each and till since river…
thorns in young faces…
sea lovers down deep Oh weep
strep half tones, weep all
animated space… dead. sea…
where queen bee summons

in answer to the words “gumshoe hover plain”
we (royal We, queen bee) get variously

1. destruction

2. purple

3. hound

4. power

5. (and, again) destruction

then I (royal no longer) reversed the word order –
“plain hover gumshoe”, with the following results

1. for “destruction” I got “hound”

2. purple = expanse

3. hypnosis = death

4. power = tale

5. destruction = hound

to the words “Kukla, frantic, frantic”
we (me & the queen bee) got

1. blue

2. thought

3. bird

4. porous

5. blue

from the fact “earnest tribal right” = “mud”
and “strep half tones” = “fellow night”
and from the fact “mud” elicits the word “yellow”
and later “light”
“fellow night” is answerable by “blood”

Ah, each and till since river…
thorns in young faces…

Mark Young

an interloper note on some earlier six-liners


they do not

nor are they meant to

rocks in a river



The Menciad

Human nature is thick-
skinned & fleshy
but escapes predation
by taking on a
concave shape &
matching the
environment. Blocks
of information are
turned into collage or
collagen, flying cranes
unfold themselves
into the sheets of paper
they once were. Is
essentially chameleon,
but needs to be left to
learn how to conduct its
own orchestra. Other-
wise, seduced by
seduction, there will
come a point, just be-
fore the trumpets enter,
when potential captain
changes into cabin boy.