richard lopez & lars palm

& how
things happen
to be near those trees
slowly blooming
by a newly designated
pedestrian area
no more cars allowed
at any time
meanwhile in paris
it’s only occasionally yet
you can sense how sensible it is
when people enter speaking
in a language you can’t even read
before beginning to beat
each other at pool
side table full of books
& how
to learn what they’re saying
staying put
in other words
worlds where revolution
rejects its r
& some think knives
are a good political
happened to bricks
or even walking by
the thousands from
málaga to madrid
april was fooled
& how

Penn Kemp

In Our Back Yard

Reading The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
by Elizabeth Kolbert. Past mass extinctions and now

the sixth. Frogs and toads, myriad amphibians in
garish armour warning of poison, or mottled dun

Gone in an evolutionary flash.

Toad tadpoles in our pond were just developing
arms when they all… disappeared. Overnight

racoons? Drowning? I know I am responsible
somehow. NIMB, the warning close to home.

Jeff Harrison

Sea Swallow and Tree Apollo

include drivetrain crankshaft rotate
include pony rides
include sunflower seeds
include dying, yes? let me guess!
include myself here
include both of the Koreas (a dated reference?)
include your own witches to burn
include “The Man in the High Castle”
include grapeberry ministers


include Wormswork, William
include ah, eh, er, uh, um, & sometimes w
include this line
include many, many Egyptians
include “this means you”
include irrefutable proof of Atlantis
include a description of the Isles of Orkney
include a swimsuit in the bear’s meal
include the brain when speaking of the body

include Harper’s Ferry
include your petrol and uvula
include hotel motel Holiday Inn
include “cusp was just about”
include blank verse
include shipping and handling
include addition and replication
include the block bone
include block island

include a nice flaky crust
include a fork, it’s only just
include what will never combust
include what is beginning to rust
include a plan for readjustment
include silver dollars
include dog collars
include the hollow and the full
include the bull and the wool
include sea swallow and tree Apollo

Poem by Cheryl Snell, Drawing by Janet Snell




The woman had too many—
shoe boxes, chocolates, pairs of dice

The thing she didn’t have was a place to put them.

Was the oblong in the rectangle the best place
to house the squares? Or was it better to balance
an oblong on a square for revelation and for solace?

The woman tore the door off the bedroom closet
and arrayed the squares around her own outline.

Much better, she said, in her melancholy way.


John Lowther

Liberals was supposed to be line breaks.
Sounds like ring modulation to my ear.
She glances sideways at me, and smiles.
That’s good silver hold on to it.
But, I didn’t call for a plumber.
It is not my intention to pry.
You can not both be and be.
That was incorrect.
So that pretty much wraps it up.
Let’s take a shower and go home.
Those words all mean something you know.
Most humans don’t like being physically intimidated.
It is no doubt a macabre spectacle.
This makes it more difficult to respond.
Where others saw depravity, I saw beauty.




Psychoanalysis has to begin with accepting that you’re an asshole.
Being woken up is a disturbance of my reasonable enjoyment.
That tinfoil hat transmits your thoughts directly to the FBI.
It’s a full gay thing and it always has been.
Umbrellas don’t work well when one group holds them up.
Only cunts and keyboard cowboys act the way you do.
But insurance is more open to doubt than other areas.
Life doesn’t have a trigger warning so neither should blogs.
The mysteries of the Egyptians were mysteries to the Egyptians.
I’m heading down to Xanex town if you want to come.

Mark DuCharme


Are you a place, thing or animal?
Are you ready to dwell?
Have you been displaced, deformed?
Are you a proud civilian?
Is there anything I really can
Discuss with you? What age
Do you think you are? Where
Are you, when you are here, & what
Remains, when you are gone?
Where have you gone recently, & are
You hidden
From bystanders & national
Security personnel? Are you one of the
National security
Personnel, or are you aspiring to
Be? Or what is it
That you aspire to, anyway?
Are you a colleague or a desperado?
Have you had enough of being
Left here, without anything else going on?





To be written in the aftermath of sky,
In carnivals & cargoes where noon waits
To be written in the slip the
Arch where we                               dive down

Dive down written wrought & hung
On wires
Wrung from omnivorous tuning
Like the sun

The sky a flake of clanguor
Above cities of wound metal
The sun is a drop of blond screaming
Written on the edges ’til we fall

Ian Whistle

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