Catherine Daly

from Insect Alphabet


Animals admitted into Heaven (The) They are ten: (1) Jonah’s whale; (2) Solomon’s ant; (3) the ram caught by Abraham and sacrificed instead of Isaac; (4) the cuckoo of Belkis; (5) the camel of the prophet Saleh; (6) Balaam’s ass; (7) the ox of Moses; (8) the dog Kratim of the Seven Sleepers; (9) Mahomet’s ass, called Al Borak; and (10) Noah’s dove.


           “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” Proverbs 6:6

The piss-ant song is on tv.  The preacher is singing the piss-ant song with a choir to use up his free time on local cable.  He is raising money and has threatened to have the choir sing the piss-ant song again unless someone gives him money.  He is shouting the words of the piss-ant song, a song with lyrics of his own composition, his words, over the choir.  He is writing the lyrics of the piss-ant song on a blackboard.

           “A sluggard … does not love to read.”  Mrs. Harriet N. Cook
           “Without guide, overseer or ruler;” Proverbs 6:7

It is not necessary for the ants to be directed.

           Pound as the lone ant, yet an ant hill as civilization “ant is a centaur in a dragon world”

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