Steve Timm

a back alley

tis the din of inequity the tolls peal
brick and brick fresh dust the spawn uh
i could go nexed, node gras
deteriolop a illudic without
applore the helps chatters “bag of bag of”
learnin’ ’em ’n’ sumch
o thins o gandered scrape gaths
supplors at the grates the sky stands down upon
is it unhenched reyettably
o ghasts o frangures parch vehement
this is a pounding for knelling to bray
a scrum plodding to unjust deserts



a airport layover

it’s out there be tolled
brought to pieces, solipse, blankity
dissidaince, desarraign, arduent, argative, orgward
words, words of auks, murres return, shallow-
skied souciance, ressurrouncing these imparticulate deigns
to dances, renders in reins, swirlent and somehow mauve
muslin cacophane, aurophagous, larked in the feels we’re
herein yep delisional lisciences the skippings in spaces pallured the
color of, the co-lorn, abbrebiates as on the corvid plains under
arreft, these’re the arethey yumyum savannas, the tauntellects
descried, scrabbed, enraptules the tomptomp derhyivem
lengthen, lank, linguor, sussurp implomb, surprision the
loom, the hangs, these and those ones, ones wanwon, drr
it’s clobber out, hunger down, in, from, these
supple sitions, susps, opple, insurrountable, assurrussive, perc-
olussive, allostic, nominant fingerly and like like
the sad only the owly darkens the surwieldy auspenses,
did i mood ya yet, owed brupt? did we irreachable
upon, what is up on the very every each, the lects
cull, these are our corners in sharitable
that make unblisser, blisseder, faux’ choince, flat chalance
chance la, dripped, insereneder, ceded misgive
to this our only unto
the one to the one
the dear dear the of each

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